2am_limbo (2am_limbo) wrote in crafty_witches,

I Need Your ~Manly Advice!

Okay, so, I'm working on the "memory box" that I'm making for my boyfriend for Christmas. Once it's done, I'm going to put little love notes, some pictures, some cute things that make me think of him, worry dolls, etc.

Here's the picture of the completed box -- hardware-wise. Does it look "manly" enough?

The pictures make it look darker than it really is. It's actually a light brown color, and the pearls are actually silvery (not girly white). And I guess it doesn't help that the wood of my desk is super dark. -____-

This is the top lid:

Front part where the hatch is:

Inside (bad lighting) -- the top inside is mosaic tiles of different color tans and greys. On the bottom inside is medium-shade brown felt:
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