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crafty_witches's Journal

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This may have been done before and it will probably be done again, but I’ve decided to start a community for the crafty Pagans of LJ. I may change and add to the rules as time goes by, but right now they will be the following:

1) Be considerate to your fellow posters. Constructive criticism is fine, but plain criticism is not.

2) Please post pictures behind a cut to keep from spamming friends pages.

3) No spell requests. This is a serious no-no. Any spell request posts will be removed.

4) Stay as on-topic as possible. I’m not going to be seriously picky about this because deviating from strict craft posting can be fun and interesting, but I’d like to keep ‘send me healing energies’ and such requests to a minimum.

5) As of yet, I’m not making this an age-restricted community. I know there are 13 yr olds that are probably more mature than me, and I know 50 yr olds that would put a lot of 10 yr olds to shame, so all are welcome, but please try to keep it mildly grown-up (emphasis on mildly).

6) Try not to turn this into an alternative to e-bay. Occaisional sales are ok, but be reasonable, please, so I won't have to start deleting sales posts. Be considerate :)

Ok..so those are the rules. Intro posts are welcome and appreciated :)

Community created by shiiloe