celestiallirva (cellestiallirva) wrote in crafty_witches,

Easy Pagan Crafts for Fundraising

I'm Av.
I organized my state's first Yule Ball in June (yep, Southern Hemisphere witch here) this year.
For 2013 I'm aiming to make it even better, so I'm bringing Spiral Dance down. (A great band - if you haven't heard of them, check them out.)
It's going to cost a fair bit but it will be well worth it, they're amazing live. They were at the Australian Wiccan Conference last year and, geez, they went off!

So, I'm organizing a stall at a massive folk festival in very early January to raise money for their flights etc.

A group of us are getting together to make Pagan crafts for the stall, but it's a busy time of year so we'll only have one or two evenings to make everything. PLEASE tell me any good ideas for crafts we can make.

So far runes and DIY prayer flag kits have been suggested. The Pagans from up North are making wands and also bags of dried herbs along with herb lore cards.

In conclusion: Fundraising stall, need [quick/easy/cheap/all 3] craft ideas.

Blessings! :-)

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