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Hello hello!
 Newbie here.. this looked like a really nice community to join so here I am I guess! ^^;
Anywho, I love sculpting! I usually like to sculpt animals, especially ones that most people don't touch. I've always felt a deep connection to critters. I'd like to share some of my stuff with you guys if you'd like to see. Hrmm what to share.. Ooh I know !

This little guy is a tea light holder! I absolutely love candle holders, incense burners, and the like, so I recently decided to try making some. Since I was a kid I had a fear of fire. As corny as it is, making these candle holders has helped me with my fear. I try to embrace this element in this way.
One more!
This is another tea light holder- this time featuring a fire salamander. Hee, get it ? Anywho, I absolutely adore amphibians and reptiles. There's just something about them!! 
Okayyy I guess I've posted enough for now! OH wait.. I just recently tried opening up an etsy shop. These two sculptures and 3 others are for sale for pretty cheap there, so check it out if you want!
Welp, thanks for looking at my entry guys <3 I can't wait to poke around and see what everyone else has in store!
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